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Great Irish Sports Stars: Shay Given

Ireland Goalkeeper for 20 Years, Premier League Star, Played in a World Cup and Two European Championships

From the time he was a young boy playing with his brothers in Donegal, Shay Given dreamed of football glory. He left home at just sixteen to join Celtic and worked hard to become a world-class goalkeeper. It paid off – the boy from Donegal went on to play for top clubs like Newcastle and Manchester City, played in the Champions League, and made some amazing saves for Ireland at the World Cup and the European Championships.

The inspirational life story of the Republic of Ireland’s longest-serving player.

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Great Irish Sports Stars: Sonia O’Sullivan

Olympian, World Champion Runner and Irish Sporting Legend

As a little girl playing with her friends in Cobh, Co. Cork, Sonia O’Sullivan was known as the fastest runner. When she joined a running club and started to win races, she began to dream of the Olympic Games. Through her talent, dedication and her ability to get back up and dust herself down when things went wrong, Sonia went from an ordinary girl who loved to run to an extraordinary world-class athlete.

The story of one of Ireland’s greatest ever athletes – and a dream made real.

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Reindeer Down!

Santa’s sleigh is flying over Ireland, delivering presents to all the boys and girls. But then Dancer hurts her leg and can’t pull the sleigh. What will Santa do?

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Hannah in the Spotlight

The summer holidays are here, and Hannah is wishing she could have gone to drama camp. Then she meets Meg, who has just moved in next door, and together with her friends Ruby and Laura they decide to form Star Club – a drama club of their own.friends find a way through?

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Starring Meg

Summer may be over but the Star Club is definitely not and now it’s time to plan their next show! Meg has to get used to a new town and new school. Luckily her Star Club friends are there to support her. But will other people accept Meg for who she really is?

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Laura’s Spooky Show

Star Club are planning a new show full of witches, magic and mystery – and Laura is going to write it! She finds plenty of inspiration from a spooky old house. Could it really be … haunted? Laura has strong ideas about how the show will go – but Hannah, Meg and Ruby don’t agree. Can the four
friends find a way through?

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Missing Ellen

A tense and tender portrayal of friendship and loss. Missing Ellen is beautifully written and completely addictive.’ Laura-Jane Cassidy, author of Angel Kiss & Eighteen Kisses

Ellen and Maggie have been best friends for as long as they can remember – sharing clothes, passions and secrets. When Ellen goes missing, Maggie feels completely alone. Looking back over the upheaval that led to Ellen’s disappearance, Maggie tries to make sense of her friend’s actions. At school and at home, she feels no one understands what she is going through – except maybe Liam, the boy next door who has always had feelings for Ellen.

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Olanna’s Big Day

There’s great excitement when the school band is chosen to march in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Olanna practises really hard on her tin whistle. At last the big day arrives and they line up with the stilt-walkers, the bagpipers, the dancing leprechauns.

Then disaster strikes.
But Olanna – with the help of her granny back in Nigeria – saves the day!

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The Irish Bridesmaid’s Guide

Congratulations – you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid! Your friend, sister or relative is planning the most important day of her life and she wants you to be a special part of it – what could be nicer than that? You’re in for a lot of fun, laughter and happy times as you help her make memories she’ll treasure for the rest of her life.

But once the initial thrill of being chosen for this honour wears off you might be wondering what you’ve let yourself in for! How much is expected of you, and how can you be the fabulous bridesmaid your lovely friend deserves? Never fear, you’ve made the best start by picking up this book, which will guide you through this exciting, fun-filled and yes, occasionally stressful time.

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The Irish Bride’s Survival Guide

So you are getting married, and you want the Big Day to be perfect? Well, look no further.
The complete guide to planning and hosting your wedding day in Ireland. Don’t go down the aisle without it!

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My Ireland Activity Book: Cliffs of Moher and the Burren

A bright and fun-filled activity book set on the wild west coast of Ireland. Puzzles, games, colouring, stories and tons of interesting facts.

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My Ireland Activity Book: Dublin

Explore the fascinating city of Dublin, past and present, with lots of fun activities. Puzzles, games, colouring and tons of interesting facts.

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My Ireland Activity Book: The Wild Atlantic Way

Discover Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, where there’s so much to see and do for the whole family. Puzzles, games, colouring, stories and tons of interesting facts.

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